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Greenlife Products Price List – Lowest Prices in Nigeria

Greenlife Products Price List – Lowest Prices in Nigeria

Prices of Greenlife Products in Nigeria

On this page, we present the the current and lowest price of each Greenlife product in Nigeria.

Secondly, the function of each product is summarized after the respective price.


Check the prices below: –


Alkaline Tester: N2700. It is used to test the alkalinity of water

Aloevera: N8600. It has curative effect for constipation, cleanses digestive tracks

Angel Tea: N5500. Cleanses the body systems from harmful toxins.

Anti-Col Tea: N8400. For influenza, cold, headache, cough, malaria and typhoid

Anti-Radiation. N2700. For all phone users. Anti radiation!

Arthro Power. N6500. Universal Pain Killer. Rheumatism, arthritis, spondylosis, etc

Ashcure. N11200. For cough and Asthma.


B-Care Tab: N6800. Stroke, Heart Disease & Blood Circulation

B-Vital: N8200. Hypertension. It stabilizes high blood pressure.

Booster Drink N6000 For a stronger immune system.

Breast Massager: Breast enhancing machine


Camopill: N11500. Fibroid, Stasis, Breast Cancer, Enlarged Liver or Spleen

Chinese Beef Noodles: N1500. Delicious on the go noodles. Fast food.

Chinese Herbal Balm: N3600.  Blood circulation, relieves the muscle, removes tiredness, pain  and relaxes the mind.

Chinese Royal Tea: N5500. For Slimming, belly flattening, Sugar control, detoxification, etc

Chitomeal: N6000.  Ulcer, Hepatitis, Dampness & Gastritis


D-regulator: N9600. Heart Disease (Quick Action), High Blood Pressure

Danshen Plus: N6700. Heart Disease (Treatment), Promoting blood circulation, inducing resuscitation

Dark Tea. N4000. Natural tea drink to neutralize the fat or oil in food.  Anti-cancer, reducing sugar, etc

Detoxin Machine: N72000. It detoxifies the body against heavy metals in our vital organs

Detoxin Tablet N5700 General Body cleanser (recommended for all treatments

Dial B (DB Formula N10500. Diabetes & Sugar Level Treatment

Double Ginseng N9700. Energy & Blood Circulation, Immune Boosting, etc


F-Qui: N7900. Abnormal Menses, Infertility, PMS Symptoms

Face Klin: For facial moisturization

Face Massager: Smoothens the face

Female Cleanser: N8500. Abnormal Menses, Infertility, PMS Symptoms


G-Herbal Soap: N1800. Healthier Skin

Glutrins: N9200. Diabetes, Tonic for basic vigor element, Sugar control


Haem Pill: N8700. Bleeding Piles

Hair Care:. Nurtures the hair growth and texture

Healthy Life Mat: N23000. HBP, Stroke, Diabetes, Obesity, Stress, Fitness.

Herbal Liquid N2600. Body Massage. Use for injuries from falls, rheumatic, sinews and bone pain, etc

Herbal Steamer Machine N24100. For healthier skin and respiratory system

Herbal Steamer Sachet: N3100. It is used with herbal steamer machine for a healthier skin and respiratory system


I-Clear: N8800. Universal Eye Problems

Irrigator. Makes applying of female cleanser easy


Kidney Care (Ki-Care) N8800. Kidney problems & Prevention

Kordy Capsule: N7800. Diarrhea, Infection, Malaria and Typhoid


Men Formula: N1100. Low Sperm Count, Infertility, Weak Erection

Mother Plus Tea: 5,450. After-Birth healthcare, Fibroid and infertility


Phoenix Pill: N8600. Reproductive system repair

PID Care: N9200. Pelvic & Vaginal healthcare

Prostature: N7800. Prostate Enlargement (Treatment & Prevention)


Quantum 1: N65000. For diagnosing and acupuncture treatment

Quantum 2: N100500. For diagnosing, acupuncture treatment and massaging


Red Peony: N9700.  Fibroid, Stasis & Uterine Bleeding

Red Tea: N4000. For detoxification, HBP, Diabetes, Slimming, etc

Relaxing Pill: N6400. Anxiety & Depression


Shade Kit: N9800. Weight Losing. It also controls and regulates diseases associated with overweight or obesity

Slimming Pad: Ensures fitness

Spinsure Pill: N6900. Arthritis, Numbness & Pain

Spinsure Tab; N8100. Joint pain, tendon pain, Spondylosis

St Pill: N13000.Stroke & Brain Damage

Tds Tester: It is used to test the TDS of the water

Tea Cup: For taking and keeping Royal tea, Angel tea and Anticol tea warm and safe for consumption


U-Shape Machine: N120000. It helps blood circulation and it enhances nervous system re-vitalization


Vigo Capsule: N11100. Used for Sexual weakness, impotence, premature ejaculation. Quick action.


Water Dispenser: N30000. It protects portable water from contamination

Water Pump: N14500. Used for the process of water purifier

Water Purifier Machine: N31500. It produces pure and drinkable water.

Water Treatment 250: N27500. Purifies water for domestic use

Water Treatment Jug:   N31500. Purifies water for human consumption

Women Formula: N7400. Enhance sex drive for women, improve energy, stamina and endurance, restore longer and sexual enjoyment

Women Formula II: N8500. Infertility & Menstrual Disorder


In conclusion, you can get these products wherever you are with these prices. Just chat or call us and your preferred products will be delivered to you promptly.

Note: Avoid being extorted. Buy from the right Source.


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